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Build Business Competencies with highly rated Training Workshops

Welcome to the overview of the Hamilton Cornell Training and Workforce Development Series which comprises a set of business competencies that can help propel your business to higher levels of profitability and growth while generating better customer and employee satisfaction.

What is included here are the most highly rated and popular of the workforce development and training programs that we have conducted and as you consider investments in your own workforce, we would appreciate it if you would consider which of these topics and courses might benefit your organization.

Many of our programs target the unique value that a company offers and the set of unifying principles that motivate leaders and employees. Simon Sinek, the best-selling author, and motivational speaker, refers to an organization’s purpose as it’s ‘Why’.

Accordingly, we ask you to Start with Why.

  • Why is this important for your company?

  • Why would you invest in developing employee skills?

  • What would you like to accomplish in your business next year?

Here’s what you need to know…

Hamilton Cornell offers highly acclaimed and highly interactive training workshops designed to strengthen employee skills and business outcomes.

The workshops are delivered on site at your business or through a hybrid distance learning (Zoom or MS Teams) process.

All the courses listed below are eligible for 100% grant funding through the state of Massachusetts. Hamilton Cornell assists its clients in seeking and administering the grant funding associated with these programs.

Please contact us with any questions.


Project Management? Successfully executing upon strategic initiatives and innovations is the corporate skill that defines nimble, learning organizations. Organizations that are more effective at managing projects develop new products faster and adapt to market dynamics more efficiently.



Increasingly business brands are defined by the way customers perceive the experience they have when engaging with a company’s brand and, particularly in the way they tell other people about their experience in public – particularly through social media.



Employee Engagement creates greater Employee Experience (UX) and it is well known that engaged and empowered employees are elemental to a winning organizational culture. Like with CX strategies, increasingly an organization’s ability to attract and retain great talent is built on how employees perceive the experience they have when employed by a company and, particularly in the way they tell other people about their experience in public – particularly through social media.



One of the biggest challenges and opportunities for an employee is to be given the responsibility of managing other employees. Front line supervision and the associated legal, and human resource implications has been known to be one of the biggest leverage points in business performance.

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