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HCA works in industries that demand repeatable and highly reliable business processes. We work with clients to align workforce development, technology, and business processes with competitive strategies. All engagements target practical and implemented solutions that can be measured and monetized. Our work commonly targets 3 outcomes: the Employee Experience, Business Results, and the Customer Experience.

Do you really know your customer?

Making sense of the BIG 7 and the rise of the Chief Customer Experience Officer. More and more, our clients are seeking insight into the way they manage cost and delivery of service in 7 key areas of their service delivery and branding to their customers:

  1. Retail Transactions

  2. On-Line Transactions

  3. Service/Call Center Problem Resolution

  4. Self-Help Portals for Problem Resolution

  5. Social Media Marketing

  6. Traditional Marketing

  7. Sales/CRM

More employees in a call center delivering one call resolution may delight the customer, but break the bank. An entirely anonymous self-help portal may save money, but frustrate customers. Retail employees barraging customers with new offers may result in incremental sales but high employee and customer stress. The good news is that machine learning and appropriate real time analytics can help companies divine a smarter path. Leading companies are making good use of new technologies and we are pleased to be partnered with a new analytics platform that makes sense of all this data for our clients. Knowing your customer is the best way to serve them better.

Pointillist & Hamilton Cornell Associates partnering to enhance the customer journey.


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